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History Notes

History Notes
Many students face difficulty while studying, if they make notes while studying they will not face such difficulties. History notes will help students to score good marks and improve their percentage. Many students will be confused about how they need to make history notes for revision. First of all, students should know the purpose of making history notes. The purpose is to understand the history topics in a better way. Students need not write notes without thinking, notes should be made clear. Many students write long paragraphs while making history notes and later complain that notes are not helpful for them. This is not the right way of preparing notes, the right way is that students should write only important points. Take care of the handwriting as students will not be able to understand if it is bad. Students should understand that notes should be revised again and again. It is a fact that students can not remember everything they read for a long time so that’s why students need to revise their notes regularly. Many students face difficulty remembering the dates and periods. So students need to write all the dates together by numbering them. After doing this much, write exactly what happened in those years. This will make the learning process very easy as all the dates are together which needs to be learned. Always write answers in points, the teacher will not like to read the answers in paragraphs.

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