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Homonym Meaning

‘Homonym meaning’ is something that is among the top searches on the Internet, and rightfully so – a lot of people are not quite certain what a homonym is or what it describes. Before talking about homonyms, let’s talk about how 2 or more words… Read More »Homonym Meaning


An honours degree has several meanings within the context of educational systems and degrees. However, the most common meaning for it is that it is a variant of the undergraduate bachelor’s degree having a much larger volume of material or a greater standard of study… Read More »Honours


Habituation is a type of learning that occurs when people become accustomed to a stimulus and stop reacting to it. Short-term habituation takes place when the brain reduces the number of neurotransmitters it releases. Long-term habituation takes place when connections in the synapses of the… Read More »Habituation

Health Educator

A health educator teaches and advises individuals and communities on how to live healthier lifestyles. They help them with nutrition and avoiding unhealthy activities such as smoking and alcohol consumption in excess. The goal of a health educator is to equip people with the tools… Read More »Health Educator

Honorarium Meaning

An honorarium is a sum of money paid to someone for providing a service or winning a reward. However, many people do not understand honorarium meaning. This method of payment is usually made to a guest speaker or lecturer who visits school and college campuses… Read More »Honorarium Meaning


A hypothesis is a proposed explanation used to explain a particular phenomenon. A hypothesis becomes a scientific hypothesis when the scientific method requires that it be tested. Scientists often base scientific hypotheses on previous observations that cannot be explained satisfactorily with the current scientific theories.… Read More »Hypothesis

HSC Full Form

HSC Full Form HSC Full form is Higher Secondary Certificate. It is a public exam credential that is used extensively in the countries of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It can be seen as the equivalent of the A-Level GCE exam in England or the 3rd… Read More »HSC Full Form

Hindi Quiz

Hindi QuizThe Hindi quiz is very important for students. Hindi quiz will help students in increasing their knowledge about Hindi subjects. Teachers should regularly organize Hindi quiz in class. Hindi is a very old language that descends directly from Sanskrit. As such, it is a… Read More »Hindi Quiz

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