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Hindi Essay

Hindi Essay

What is Hindi essay and w hat are some good ways to write a good essay in Hindi?

An Hindi essay is the part of the Hindi curriculum for the students in school. Some colleges, or higher level exams also have essay writing as a part of their curriculum. Many government examinations that have Hindi as a subject, have essay writing as an important questions with a good weightage of marks. National level exams like UPSC have essay writing as a part of it’s selection process. The topics of the essay writing in Hindi are generally based on social issues, etc. For example- child marriage, child labor, poverty, etc. Here a few ways in which the students or candidates can make their essays in Hindi better-

1- Start the essay by adding a quote, slogan, or a famous line by a famous poet or writer. It impacts the readers and makes the essay more relatable, interesting, and inspiring for them.

2- Follow a well-defined structure to write the essay. Write headings, sub-headings, or sub-points. Make sure to add bullets or numbers while writing the pointers.

3- Add relatable facts about the topic you choose to write. These facts can be general facts or statistics.


1- What should be the word limit of an Hindi essay?

Answer- The word limit of the essay totally depends on the weightage of the question as well as the topic.

2- Can we use quotes or slogans of other individuals in our essay?

Answer- Yes, we can use quotes, slogans, or words of other people in the essay. However, while doing so, the candidates should mention the source of that content. For example- name of the person who wrote the slogan/quote.

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