Educational Initiatives

The Education Initiatives is a program aimed at the learning and success of all youth. The educational programs are aimed at young people who feel that the mainstream school system is not suitable for them because of academic differences, social problems, or other factors. All… Read More »Educational Initiatives

English Day

On April 23 English day is celebrated all over the world. In today’s world, multilingualism is becoming more and more important. Besides opening up job opportunities, the ability to speak a foreign language helps establish a real connection with people and learn about the diversity… Read More »English Day

Education Recruitment

Educational recruitment is essential for every school. We know well that poor selection decisions can be costly and time-consuming. However, selection decisions in education recruitment are no more than any other stage in human resource management. The selection of staff and teachers is often seen… Read More »Education Recruitment

Elementary School

Elementary School Elementary School is defined as the period of formal education after preschool but before high school. Students learn basic skills in areas like reading, writing, Maths, and Science. It is the first four to eight years of a student’s formal education, often including kindergarten.… Read More »Elementary School

Educational Video

Educational Video Educational Video is a virtual medium that helps the individuals or students in understanding the concepts better with the help videos. Such videos are known as educational video. The 21st century kids love grasping the concepts with the help of such videos as… Read More »Educational Video

Education Portal

The education portal is a uniquely planned site that gives a large group of educational information, administrations, and content. The term portal was generally used to depict a port or area of numerous stacking and offloading exercises. It is currently utilized most broadly to portray… Read More »Education Portal

English Syllabus

English Syllabus A syllabus is a document that describes the content of a language course and the sequence in which it is taught. English syllabus is a syllabus in which all the topics are mentioned which are going to come in the exam. It has generally… Read More »English Syllabus