The digital India initiative has encouraged the widespread use of ICTs in the teaching and learning process. The ePathshala, a joint initiative of the Ministry of Education, the Government of India, and the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), was created to showcase… Read More »ePathshala

Education Schemes in India

Education Schemes in India are prominent with the development of the National Education Policy 2020. India launched a slew of programs aimed at achieving UEE through a variety of schematic and program initiatives, such as Mid-day Meal  Mahila Samakhya  Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan  Strengthening for Quality… Read More »Education Schemes in India

Existentialism in Literature

Existentialism in literature is a literary movement from the twentieth century that emphasizes the person and their relationship with the universe or God. This label has been attributed to writers, philosophers, visual artists, and film directors; the movement thrived throughout Europe. A Brief History Existentialism… Read More »Existentialism in Literature

ERP for Colleges

ERP Full form is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP for colleges are ERP solutions that are created specifically to cater to the needs of colleges. Educational institutions, in general, are in need of ERP software for the simple reason that they have specific managerial needs. The… Read More »ERP for Colleges


GSAT-3, also known as EDUSAT, is designed for distance learning from elementary school to higher education. This was the country’s first specialized “Educational Satellite,” which provided the country with satellite-based two-way connections to classrooms for the delivery of educational content. This is a geosynchronous satellite… Read More »EDUSAT

Extensive Reading

Extensive reading is a technique where students read large amounts of material for the purpose of pleasure and fluency development. This technique is also known as free voluntary reading or pleasure reading. There are many benefits to extensive reading, but some of the most notable… Read More »Extensive Reading

Educational Administration

The academic field of educational administration has expanded significantly in recent years. The field of educational administration studies the administrative theory and practice of education. Educational administration is in place to ensure the smooth functioning of educational institutions. Educational administrators make sure that the students… Read More »Educational Administration


Epidiascope is a projector capable of projecting images that are both transparent and opaque. Epidiascopes are projectors with an episcope and a diascope combined into their optical system. The epi-position allows it to project opaque, flat objects, like books. Using an appropriate slide carrier, slides… Read More »Epidiascope