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Even Prime Numbers

Even prime numbers are the numbers that are divisible by two. For example, zero, two, four, six, eight, ten, and more numbers. These numbers are even prime numbers because they are directly divisible by two. All the prime numbers have only two factors while even numbers can have factors more than two. These numbers are not negative, it is always a positive integer. Students can easily understand this with the help of one more example. If q is a prime number then the numbers q and 1 are the only factors of q. This is a very basic concept which every individual should know. Teachers should concentrate on improving the basic knowledge of Maths. Students are not able to understand the basic concepts of Maths and later they hate this subject. Every math teacher must create interest in the students for their subject. If the basics are not clear then students will develop a fear for the subject and will not score good marks in it. The odd and even numbers concept is very simple if students are not able to understand it then teachers should explain it with examples. Teachers should know how to make every student understand the concept of prime numbers. Educators should teach students in such a way that every student can understand the concept. Simply, these numbers are the numbers that are positive integers and are divisible by two.

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