Examination An examination is defined as the evaluation of the understanding of the knowledge of a person. The assessment can be done in the form of a formal test. The exam is taken to check the knowledge of a student of a particular subject. The exam… Read More »Examination

Exam Fear

It is a psychological condition in which people experience extreme distress and anxiety in testing situations. In situations where the pressure is on and a good performance counts, people can become so anxious that they are actually unable to do their best. For ex- An… Read More »Exam Fear


Skills One Must Have to Become an Excellent Online Educator Online teaching has taken off in a big way across the globe, in recent years. In 2010, Bill Gates was quoted as saying, “Five years from now on the web for free you’ll be able… Read More »Educator


Enlightenment means the full understanding of the situation. It means attaining all the necessary knowledge or information. The word is mostly used in the religious context. So, in that sense, it can be said that it is gaining spiritual knowledge.  In Asia, the related terms… Read More »Enlightenment

E learning

E learning is also known as electronic learning or online learning. It is making use of digital or electronic resources for formalized learning. It has completely transformed traditional learning. E learning teaches or provides knowledge through electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, or tablets using… Read More »E learning


E-literate is the literacy of an individual in a digital world. It means how well-versed a person is regarding the use of technology or the digital world. E-literate means the level of understanding and competence of an individual regarding IT (information technology). It includes the… Read More »E-Literate


E-classroom is a form of online learning, offering various educational programs in an online form. This multimedia classroom technology provides a unique learning experience. It uses various educational platforms and communication tools to simplify the process. And day by day, it is expanding and will… Read More »E-Classroom