EVS Full Form

Environmental Studies(EVS full form) is the study of the environment, which refers to the surroundings in which all live. Everything that directly or indirectly promotes human survival is considered part of the environment. Plants, animals, and soil, water, and air are examples of living and non-living components. The living components interact with their surroundings and adjust to the changing conditions. Environmental Studies(EVS full form) is taught as a subject in schools, but it is also taught at the university level. Environmental Studies(EVS full form) is also utilized to solve day-to-day challenges involving the environment and its constituents. It is commonly taught in primary schools from the first to the fifth grade. Following that, it is included under Science. It is a scientific study of the environment in which students specialize in areas and issues concerning the natural environment and its relationship with people. EVS encompasses not just the environment’s physical and biological qualities, but also the social, cultural, and other variables that influence it. As a result, it is an interdisciplinary academic discipline that investigates human interaction with the environment as a whole. It also encompasses the interaction of the natural and built environments. As a result, an environmental study is a diverse field of study with a variety of degree programs available, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

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