E-classroom is a form of online learning, offering various educational programs in an online form. This multimedia classroom technology provides a unique learning experience. It uses various educational platforms and communication tools to simplify the process. And day by day, it is expanding and will… Read More »E-Classroom


Erudition can be defined as the state of having an ample amount of knowledge that only a few people know. Erudition can be seen in a person, book, or anything that has a lot of knowledge.  The term can also be explained as the breadth,… Read More »Erudition

Educational Technology

Educational technology is the use of various technological resources to facilitate learning. Technological tools help in transferring, exchanging and communicating knowledge. Educational technology investigates the analyzing process, development, designing, implementation, and evaluation of various technological learning materials that aid learning and development. It solves all… Read More »Educational Technology

Education System

The education system includes everything essential that goes into educating students at the public level. This system is taken into account for students and learners at local, state as well as national levels. Generally, the education system is constituted by the following: ·     … Read More »Education System

Exit Exam

An exit exam is done to evaluate the skills of a student related to writing, reading, math, and critical thinking. The exit exams are conducted at the end of the tenure of higher education.  The exit exams are organized to assess the general education level… Read More »Exit Exam

Exam Preparation

The assessment of the knowledge and ability of a person on a particular subject is known as an exam. The preparation done to appear for any exam is called exam preparation. Exam preparation is designed to improve the performance of a student on a standardized… Read More »Exam Preparation


Exam is defined as the evaluation of the understanding of the knowledge of a person.  The assessment can be done in the form of a formal test. The exam is taken to check the knowledge of a student of a particular subject. The exam includes… Read More »Exam


The full form of ERNET is Education and Research NETwork. It is a scientific society that is autonomous. It comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. The headquarters of ERNET is based out of New Delhi.  It has contributed to… Read More »ERNET


E-refund means the refund of the amount done electronically.  E-refund is the method of repayment of financial help using electronic means. Or in simple terms, it is the process of getting financial aid deposited in your account electronically.  Students who are seeking financial aid have… Read More »E-Refund

Entry-Exit Tickets

Entry-exit tickets are tools that teachers use to get an understanding of the student on a given topic. Teachers can use a small size paper or can make use of technology by making an online survey form to do this exercise.  The entry ticket helps… Read More »Entry-Exit Tickets