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EVS Worksheet for Class 1

EVS Worksheet for Class 1

Worksheets are the new way of helping children learn using creative and related play structures. Worksheets are participative and mind-provoking and can spark children’s imagination more than any other mode of education. It is a highly effective technique of helping students learn, especially when the children are in pre-school. 

Worksheets can be quite useful for children because even though studying may look like a chore, worksheets feel like a fun activity or even a sort of game. Here are a few reasons why worksheets are important for kids:

  • Participative Learning – Worksheets make the students an active part of the learning process and hence more interested in the lesson and what is being taught. 
  • Feeling of Responsibility – When the student is given the reigns of responsibility to their studies, they will feel empowered to work towards the goal of gaining knowledge rather than getting marks, which has a much better connotation for their future prospect as a student. 
  • Covering Multiple Topics at Once – Teachers can cover several topics at once when it comes to engaging in a relevant worksheet with the students. It will not seem like a lot of work to the children because worksheets help in engaging their minds, with the added advantage that children won’t feel like they are studying. 
  • Spending Time with Student – Parents may not always make the children sit and study against their will but a worksheet can be a welcome change for both parties involved. It helps the parents engage in quality time with their children, while also helping them learn. 

Finding worksheets is not that difficult. There is already a science, maths, social studies, or even EVS worksheet for Class 1 all the way to class 10 students. Learn at your pace using features like live class recording, assignments, chats, and more using the lms portal.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology