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Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam 

 The entrance exam is conducted by various educational institutions to select the deserving and eligible learners for admission in undergraduate, postgraduate, and other higher education courses. Based on scores and ranks in an entrance exam, colleges and universities provide admission to the students in the courses selected by them.

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These exams assess students’ knowledge and understanding of the academic subjects they learn till their senior secondary education. There are three modes of the entrance exam widely practiced in India. The first one is offline mode. This is the traditional pen and paper method where candidates write the answers on OMR sheets or paper. The second one is CBT mode. It is a computer-based test in which students attempt the exam via a computer and mark the answers using a mouse. The third one is an online mode. Here also, candidates use a computer to attempt the exam but there is no need to reach a particular center. By having an internet connection and a computer, candidates can appear for the exam preparation tips from their convenient places. To get admission in your selected streams and best colleges, one must prepare for the entrance exams effectively. Start your preparation timely, keep practicing in grammar competition, revise regularly, and give your best. 

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