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E Grantz

The E Grantz portal is an online portal run by the Government of Kerala for the centralized disbursement of scholarships and stipends to students belonging to the SC/ST/OBC categories within the state.

The E Grantz scholarships are granted to students who want scholarships at the post-matriculation level online. The amount of financial assistance that this scheme offers is determined by which category you belong to and your current academic qualification. In addition, with the help of this platform, the selected students receive the amount they are due to get via online transaction directly into their account through DBT(Direct Benefit Transfer).

If the student has taken admission to the university or college through merit and reservation criteria, they are eligible for the E Grantz scholarship. Their domicile must be in the state of Kerala and they must be part of the SC/ST/OBC/OEC category. If you are part of the SC/ST/OEC categories, there is no income limitation to avail the scholarship. However, if you are part of the OBC category, there is an income limit of INR 1 Lakh per annum for +2 courses, Degree, PG, and Professional courses

There is even an option in this portal where, if a student is not able to submit their application online, the institutions themselves can enter the application on the behalf of the student. Over the years, this portal has helped with financial aid for over 3 Lakh students who are studying across 3400+ institutions in the state. With the launch of its latest version called E-Grantz 3.0, the scholarship is expected to influence the lives of even more deserving students.

In case of any queries, you can contact the Directorate of Scheduled Caste Development in Trivandrum, Kerala.

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