A debate is an exchange of ideas wherein one side speaks against the topic at hand while one side speaks for it. A debate is primarily a dichotomous representation of an idea, broken into its most rudimentary argumentative skeleton for the sake of evoking questions… Read More »Debate

Dialogue Writing

Dialogues are a crucial part of every story, and they present the story in a gripping format. They set the conversation between two or more people. Dialogues move the story forward and bring readers closer to the climax. Moreover, they charge stories with emotions, tensions,… Read More »Dialogue Writing


Every student who has passed twelfth standard or is about to pass the same must surely have heard of the exam called DU JAT. The examination is an entrance based test that helps the candidates in securing admission in various colleges of University of Delhi.… Read More »DU JAT

Dictation Meaning

Dictation Meaning Dictation meaning in simple words is a process where the teacher dictates or speaks a word and the students write it down on their notebooks. The activity of dictation is a very old activity and teachers have been practicing this activity for years… Read More »Dictation Meaning

Disaster Management ppt

Disaster management ppt should be used by teachers to teach students about this topic thoroughly. Disaster management is the process of preserving lives and property during natural or man-made disasters. Multi-layered disaster management systems handle floods, storms, fires, utility outages, disease outbreaks, and droughts. Understand… Read More »Disaster Management ppt

Digital marketing ppt

Digital marketing ppt is important for understanding marketing. Digital marketing ppt can be easily downloaded from any site. Students should have digital marketing knowledge, they can get information from the Digital marketing ppt. Digital marketing is extremely important in today’s environment. Unlike traditional marketing, it… Read More »Digital marketing ppt

Daily Routine of a Student

The Daily Routine of a Student should be good.  Students who maintain a regular, healthy routine can attain their academic goals and objectives faster. This is because napping, when contrasted to daily activities, may decrease concentration and memory. Many successful businesses use this routine to… Read More »Daily Routine of a Student

Diary Entry Format

Diary writing is a sort of personal writing in which a person writes about his or her personal life or a scenario in a diary. One of the most accessible and informal kinds of composition is keeping a diary. It can be written in any… Read More »Diary Entry Format