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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

A diploma in mechanical engineering is a twelfth-level diploma course that applies the principles of physics and material sciences. This engineering stream deals with the analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. 

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A diploma degree in mechanical engineering provides technical knowledge and training to engineering students and prepares them for technological changes in the manufacturing or production sector. It is a three-year polytechnic course that students can pursue after completing class 10. 

Who can be a candidate for a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering?

Any student can take this course if:

  • Candidates have an interest in mechanical engineering and allied fields.
  • Candidates willing to become hardware or industrial engineers can take up the course.
  • Candidates planning to begin a career in robotics, automobile manufacturing, and aerospace engineering can pursue this course.
  • Students willing to complete mechanical engineering in Pune in a short time can take up the course.

Students can participate in full-time or part-time diploma programs. Also, IGNOU provides distance diplomas in this course. A full-time diploma requires three years. Students can take admission in various government and private institutions to become mechanical engineers. Moreover, they need to clear entrance examinations to take admission to the course. The prominent examinations for admission in a full-time course are Odisha DET, MP DET, JEXPO, etc. The course fee for a full-time diploma ranges between INR 10,000-INR 2,00,000. 

Students can check the eligibility criteria of institutes providing diploma courses in engineering. Moreover, if students want to complete the course within a year, they can undergo a 1-year diploma in mechanical engineering. 

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