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Difference between mentoring and coaching

Difference between mentoring and coaching – A mentor is a person who shares their knowledge, skills, and guides with experiences to help another person acquire knowledge and grow and develop. On the other hand, a coach is a person who provides guidance to a client on their goals and helps them reach their target. One difference between mentoring and coaching is that mentoring is a long-term relationship in which one person mentors another for more than a few months or years. Whereas in the case of coaching, it is meant for a shorter span and specific time, where one person is teaching the other about something or guiding them. Coaching is mostly professional.

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Another difference between mentoring and coaching is that no qualifications are required for mentoring, yet there is training in coaching skills and there are coaching qualifications available. Adding to the above, another value in education difference between mentoring and coaching is that mentoring is a lot more directive as it is about a mentor sharing their knowledge and experience in guiding the mentors in the ideal direction. Whereas coaching is about putting out the right questions, where an individual is being coached to consider how they can achieve their goals and full potential. Coaching meaning measures performance, and mentoring doesn’t measure performance. This is another difference between mentoring and coaching. Further, adding to this, a coach drives the relationship, whereas in mentorship, it is the mentee who drives the relationship, not the mentor.

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