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Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct and indirect speech are different methods of communicating information with differences between the two. Given below is a detailed understanding of direct and indirect speech and the differences between them. 

Direct speech writing is speech that is directed towards a particular person. It is generally used when one person is addressing another in person or virtually and is devoted within inverted commas. For this reason, direct speech is often called quoted speech. 

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In the case of direct speech, there is no annotation or interpretation required – the words are taken directly from the source and repeated to the receiver. In simple terms, the words are taken directly from the speaker and repeated exactly as they were originally stated. Read Teacher’s guide to improve language skills of students.

E.g. John said to Robert, “I need a sweater because it’s cold outside.”

Indirect speech is when a speaker uses words or phrases as reported in their own words. The original words of the initial speaker are modified and/or interpreted. When discussing indirect speech, the speaker uses words that generally refer to something that has already taken place in the past. Hence, indirect speech is always used in the past tense and is summarizing, modifying, or synthesizing what has already been said.

E.g. John told Robert that he needed a sweater because it was cold outside. 

This is the difference between direct and indirect speech, one is quoted speech while the other is reported speech.

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