DMRT stands for Diploma in Radiology Therapy. It is a PG course that is offered by various colleges and universities in India for a duration of two years. DMRT is one of the most popular courses that students opt for in the field of medical… Read More »DMRT


DASA stands for Direct Admission of Students Abroad. It is a scheme of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India that aims to facilitate admission for Foreign Nationals, Persons of Indian Origin, or Non-Resident Indians for UG and PG Programmes in the fields… Read More »DASA


Debriefing is a term that is often used in fields of military, psychology research, and crisis aversion. Still, it is also used in the context of pedagogy under the tag of experiential learning.  In the realm of experiential learning, it can be defined as a… Read More »Debriefing

Discovered proton

Protons came into existence more than 100 years ago. Sir Ernest Rutherford was the first scientist who discovered proton. First, it was considered an elementary particle, but new research states that it has a complex internal structure. This characteristic of protons was discovered when scientists… Read More »Discovered proton

Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct and indirect speech are different methods of communicating information with differences between the two. Given below is a detailed understanding of direct and indirect speech and the differences between them.  Direct speech writing is speech that is directed towards a particular person. It is… Read More »Direct and Indirect Speech

Deccan Education Society

In the framework of education, the Deccan Education Society is renowned as one of the most established and celebrated educational organizations in India. The founding members of this illustrious organization are: Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Gopal Ganesh Agarkar Vishnushastri Chiplunkar Prin. Vaman Shivram Apte Mahadeo… Read More »Deccan Education Society


Detention is a process whereby a state or private citizen withholds the rights of a person. It takes away the freedom and liberty of the concerned individual. It can occur because of a pending criminal charge or to protect a person or property. However, detention… Read More »Detention