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Difference Between Qualitative And Quantitative Research

For people who are in the realm of research, the difference between qualitative and quantitative research is very important. Both quantity and qualitative research are required for gaining different types of knowledge but the difference between qualitative and quadrilateral research needs to be highlighted for it to be easy to understand. 

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Quantitative research is research that focuses on the testing of theories and hypotheses. The analysis used for quantitative research is mathematical and statistical in nature and is mainly expressed in the form of graphs, numbers, and tables. Quantitative research requires several respondents and has closed multiple-choice questions for evaluation purposes. Coming to qualitative research focuses on the exploration of ideas and the formulation of theories or hypotheses based on that. Qualitative research is analyzed by the process of summarization, categorization, and interpretation of the ideas that are presented in the research. Qualitative research in contrast with quantitative research is expressed in the form of words and figures. Quantity research has fewer respondents compared to quantitative research in education and the questions that are asked in altitude research are open-ended in nature.

Another star difference in the way that qualitative and quantitative research is conducted is in the form of data collection. Quantitative data collection methods include service science experiments and observations from experiments or a natural environment where variables cannot be controlled.  On the other hand, qualitative data collection methods include interviews, focus groups, and lecture reviews. 

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