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Digital Forum

A digital forum, also known as an internet forum, is an online education space where you can have your questions answered by a group of people who are present on the same forum. In a digital forum, holding conversations is in the form of posted messages. 

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Digital forums are different from chat rooms in the sense that the conversations that take place in the former can be long and explanatory but in the case of the latter, conversations cannot be more than one line of text in length. In addition, on the basis of the setup of the forum, a posted message might only be made visible once it is approved by the moderator of that particular forum to see if the post is relevant and whether or not it is allowed to be on that forum or not. 

A digital forum has a hierarchical or tree-like structure in the digital space. It can contain a number of subforums, each one of which might have multiple topics. Within a particular topic, each fresh discussion that is initiated is known as a thread and can be replied to by as many people as the school moderators allow it to be used.

Digital forums are used often in the education space because unlike social media, there are no unnecessary off-topic discussions taking place, hence making such a digital space hyper-focused and productive. Teachmint has the largest number of learning resources available on the internet in one place – click here and access it today!

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