Drop a Class

Drop a class means a student does not want to continue with the course in an institution and wants to be removed from a class. Drop a class means unenrolling from a course because of low grades or lack of interest in the course. When… Read More »Drop a Class

Distance Learning

Distance learning means there is no physical interaction or face-to-face communication between students and teachers at the time of giving instruction. This learning involves the use of various technologies that facilitate communication between student and teacher or student and student. When distance teaching combines with… Read More »Distance Learning

Distance Education

Distance education means learning without going to any school or any physically developed institution. Earlier, we used to call it correspondence courses. In this, students communicate with the school via mail. Today, we call distance education online education. Distance education can be completely an online… Read More »Distance Education


The dissertation is also termed a thesis. A dissertation refers to a research project done as a part of a graduation or post-graduation degree. The dissertation allows students to show their research and findings against the proposition or question that they have already chosen themselves.… Read More »Dissertation

Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive behavior refers to behavior that persistently frightens and threatens other people or breaks social norms. This type of behavior is mostly observed in children, but it can be there in adults too sometimes. This type of behavior can be vocal or physical. Vocal behavior… Read More »Disruptive Behavior


The word discipline refers to teaching people to follow the rules. In other words, it is the action done according to a particular system of governance. It helps to regulate the behavior according to the environment and society to which they belong. The word discipline… Read More »Discipline

Disaggregated Data

Disaggregate means to divide anything into its parts. Data is the raw facts and figures. Disaggregated data is dividing the facts and figures into various parts. This data can be grouped into three categories like gender, region, and ethnicity.  This data helps to know the… Read More »Disaggregated Data

Deemed University

Deemed university, also known as deemed-to-be-university, is the accreditation granted by the DHE (Department of Higher Education) to India’s higher educational institutes. This status is granted under MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) by the advice of UGC (University Grant Commission). In India, there are… Read More »Deemed University

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment refers to students who have enrolled in two different courses or two academic institutions and are studying in both simultaneously. A lot of times, it involves a high school student taking college courses in advance to get a jump on the college requirements.… Read More »Dual Enrollment

Direct Instruction

As the name suggests, Direct Instruction means giving instructions face-to-face without any medium. It’s called a teacher-directed teaching method, or traditional classroom teaching method, where the teacher teaches using the blackboard. Two principles guide the direct instruction method. The first one is to teach correctly,… Read More »Direct Instruction