Diploma in Pharmacy

Diploma in Pharmacy is a short-term course for aspirants who want to begin their career in the field of pharmacy. Instead of doing long-term courses in the pharmacy domain, the D. Pharmacy course is the ideal choice for a student who wants a quick start… Read More »Diploma in Pharmacy

Dictation Words

Dictation words are often searched for by teachers who want to conduct dictation tests. Spelling tests, or dictation tests, are examinations that are undertaken by a teacher to test the knowledge of whether or not they are aware of a particular word’s spelling or not.… Read More »Dictation Words

Discourse Analysis

Discourse analysis or DA for short, also known as discourse studies, is an approach that is used for the analysis of written, vocal, or sign language use, or any major semiotic event. Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the admission… Read More »Discourse Analysis

Demonstration Method

In the method of teaching through the demonstration method, students are set up to conceptualize class material more effectively. A demonstration is often required when students have a hard time connecting the theory they learn to actual practice or when they are unable to understand… Read More »Demonstration Method

DEC Full Form

The DEC full form stands for Distance Education Council. It was a council responsible for maintaining the status of open learning and distance education since 1985. Later, DEC was replaced by the Distance Education Bureau that works under UGC (University Grants Commission), based in New… Read More »DEC Full Form

Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology is a subject that focuses on human growth and changes across the lifespan, including physical, cognitive, social, intellectual, perceptual, personality, and emotional growth. It is a scientific approach that aims to explain growth, change, and consistency through the lifespan. It looks at how… Read More »Developmental Psychology

Data Collection

Data collection is the process of bringing all the information on targeted variables into an established system, which then helps answer relevant questions and evaluates outcomes. It is a research component in all study fields, which includes physical and social sciences, humanities, and business. While… Read More »Data Collection

DCA Full Form

DCA Full Form  DCA Full form is Diploma in Computer Application. It is a computer-based diploma course that has a duration of 1 year. It is intended to provide learners with realistic basic technological details related to programming tools and applications that are used in… Read More »DCA Full Form