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Character Development

Character development is a process based on a positive psychology program to help students build their foundation of core ethical values of life — respect, justice, responsibility, etc. It aims to build character that lasts a lifetime. 

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Character development’s primary focus is on teaching students values and virtues. In a co-education environment, character development teaches the students to appreciate their importance, support each other, and learn about the genders. 

The main aim of character development is to introduce students to be autonomous learners — learning to be responsible for themselves and take charge of their life. Life skills education is pivotal. Education is not just about subject knowledge, there’s more to it and developing the personality and inculcating values is a major part of it.

This development program also includes an academic achievement test at the end of the program. Teachers measure their students’ achievements during the test. They also collect data-driven information to assess the student’s strengths and processes for future reference.
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For example, St. Martis Academy teaches character development courses to develop critical thinking skills among the students. Because they believe every human has a different way of thinking under the same situation. The system also includes teaching the students the 4E’s — Excellence, Ethics, Civic Engagement, and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

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