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Catalog Year

Catalog year is the academic year when the student gets admission in a school or university. The graduate rate in any education institute is decided according to the catalog year. Each year has a different curriculum design and major to choose

If the student drops the studies or takes a break in the middle of their year, the next session, the student joins will have a different catalog year. The semesters balance the course with classroom observation, accelerated learning, and auditory learning process in the particular year.

Different catalog years have different classroom observations. The Summer year may have more activities to do than fall or winter year. The accelerated learning process is an activity-based learning method that allows the students to engage in many levels and use their senses and mostly conducted outside the classroom. 

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Auditory learning includes many ways, such as lecture sessions by professors or studying by listening to podcasts. Other majors under the mentioned year have different sessions of auditory learning.

For example, The catalog year at St. Michael University runs from fall to summer. If the student gets admission in fall 2020, the student year will be 2020–21, including fall 2020, spring 2020, and summer 2021.

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