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Classroom Assessment Techniques

Classroom Assessment Techniques are also known as CATs. It is the quick evaluation of learning of various topics that need to be implemented in the classrooms. Due to this process, students are evaluated on higher stakes in exams and assignments. As the name suggests, it helps with assessment in school.

These techniques are very useful for teachers or instructors as they allow them to play an active role in students’ learnings. They can evaluate their delivery of content or the process of classroom activities via immediate feedback from their students. With the help of classroom assessment techniques, the students can reflect on their learnings and in return, can evaluate their personal growth.

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The many different CATs allows examining the following areas:

  • It helps in assessing prior knowledge of the students by recalling and understanding their growth.
  • It helps assess certain skills in analysis and critical thinking. Here, the students are asked to create a gist of what they have learned in the class. 
  • The most important technique is to analyze the problems and find their solutions critically. It is basically for the development of practical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Next, is to assess the skills of the students via application and performance. In this technique, it is required for the students to explain the concept/topic taught in class.
  • Another classroom assessment technique includes assessing the students’ reactions, attitudes and values. The teachers need to understand students’ perceptions about various topics. The needs and interests of students are also an important part of CATs

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