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Certificate Program

A certificate program is a short course of study under a year or two, depending upon the course. Some lessons take three months to six months to complete, and some take eight or twelve months to complete, while some for one and a half to two years. 

Certificate programs offer a more in-depth syllabus, have a variety of subjects; therefore, more classwork than homework for students. Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the academic planner for efficient school management.

A certificate program is designed to provide students more grounding over a particular subject or specific skill of the student’s degree field, making them more knowledgeable. Certificate programs are also designed to help working people to upgrade their skills with the evolving technology. Certificate programs are non-degree programs and usually available for undergraduate and graduate students. They can be studied with degree programs as well. academic advisors suggest taking up certificate courses since it adds value to the resume.

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A certificate program is an excellent choice for students who experience achievement gaps in their life. The student’s academic performance affects student life at numerous levels — low income, racial, gender, different language, disability, etc. Achievement gaps make the student lack emotional intelligence (EQ); therefore, they feel withdrawal from education. 

A certificate program can also easily be achieved by autodidacticism — self-learning/studying without any professor—self-learning through books or online material. 

D.El.Ed is a Diploma course in Elementary Education, a four-semester course of two years duration to prepare students to work as a primary teacher in multiple cities. 

For example, after completing 12th, a student opts for a film making and graphic design certification program for a year. Another one opts for a plumbing course of six months instead of studying the interior designing program. 

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