Student Focus

Focus is an important aspect of life. It is an interdisciplinary learning and living experience, which lasts a lifetime. Similarly, student focus has the same thing to offer. It makes the students intellectually curious, who are interested in looking for answers to their queries coming… Read More »Student Focus

Student Enrollment

Student enrollment is a process of ensuring attendance in an educational institute and also in specific classes. With this, you can find several students who are currently attending the school or any course. Student enrollment also refers to the act of registering for school, particular… Read More »Student Enrollment

Student Engagement

In education, we can call student engagement a degree of curiosity, attention, interest, passion, and optimism, which students are seen showcasing when they are learning or getting taught. This further extends to the level of motivation, which they need to learn and move ahead in… Read More »Student Engagement

Student Empowerment

Student empowerment helps the students gain the power of authority to come out with their decisions for the things they want to implement and the changes they want to see in their educational institutes.  Student empowerment usually includes several topics like deep learning, leadership, and… Read More »Student Empowerment

Social Learning

We can understand social learning by a theory. Learning is a cognitive process that takes place in a social context. Social learning can happen through direct instructions or observation, even if there is no direct reinforcement or motor reproduction.  We live in society around so… Read More »Social Learning

Social Belonging In Students

Social belonging in students can be defined as a sense of connection with a positive, significant, and lasting interpersonal relationship.  There are different factors of social belonging. These factors are characterized as validation, social feedback, and shared experiences. If a person has or shares common… Read More »Social Belonging In Students

Situated Learning

Situated learning refers to an action or thought that is used at a correct place and time. Students learn the content by performing the activities, in this mode of learning. In traditional learning, learning takes place from books, lectures, etc. but in situated learning, it… Read More »Situated Learning


Set is the collection or group of numbers or objects. It is the entity in itself, represented by italicized, uppercase, and boldface letters like X, Y, S, Z.   The components of a set are the elements or members of the same. You can understand this… Read More »Set

Work-Study Program

The work-study program is also known as the college work-study program. It is a scheme that helps fund and assists the students with their post-education costs. Under this program, sometimes the students work on a part-time job and sometimes off-campus in colleges and universities. The… Read More »Work-Study Program