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Reasoning Test

Reasoning test is vital to check the ability or aptitude to reason logically. It improves the thinking abilities of students as they have to focus on various critical problems at a time. These tests are common psychometric tests as they help an examiner assess problem-solving skills

Reasoning test includes various topics like deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, abstract reasoning, and diagrammatic reasoning. Candidates do not need prior knowledge in this field to solve the problems. However, they can increase their chances of clearing this section by following the tips mentioned below.

  • Know what you are taking

Logical reasoning test can come in various forms, and candidates must prepare themselves to solve questions of every type. Candidates must be familiar with the structure of reasoning tests. Moreover, they must know details like negative markings, duration, and marks associated with the test. 

  • Practice sample papers

Practice sample papers to know about the pattern and how to solve specific questions within the give time. It will also give an idea of what to expect during the test.

  • Check your answers

Always check the answers after solving the questions. Carefully look at the solutions and explanations after completing the test. It would help candidates understand their mistakes and they will learn new ways of approaching a specific problem. 

  • Think laterally

Preparing for the test does not meaning sticking to the sample papers. Candidates can solve crosswords and sudoku to enhance their thinking process.

  • Create a strategy

Create a strategy to improve performance in the examination. Find out the technique that works best and stick to it during reasoning test

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