Gate Pass

Students’ security is a great concern for parents and school authorities. Moreover, providing a safe and secure environment is vital for residential and day schools. If students live in a hostel, the responsibility of school administration is doubled. They need to follow strict guidelines while allowing day/night outs to students. To maintain student data, hostel wardens use gate pass. 

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However, maintaining an in-out register and providing a gate pass is a cumbersome process for the management. This paper-based system can be manipulated easily, keeping security at stake. However, the flaws can be corrected by automating the security process. Schools can use gate pass management systems to manage and track visitors efficiently. 

Gate pass management systems also prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into the school campus. It improves accuracy in managing positive affirmation students’ and visitors’ entry and exit. Moreover, the system also helps in live reporting of the online activities in the hostel campus. Schools can capture data like name, the purpose of visit, and the amount of time spent in the hostel. Schools may face issues while retrieving visitor information. Moreover, this process may take hours to get completed. However, school admins can drastically reduce this time to a few minutes by adopting the gate pass and stress management system. 

The other benefits of this system are:

  • Pre-registration

Admins can pre-register all the details of regular visitors with this system. As a result, visitors can sign in quickly and save time. 

  • Approval based entry

It helps security personnel to allow entry to only authorized visitors. 

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