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Report Writing Format

A report is an account of something that a person has observed, investigated, done, or heard. It is a well-organized and systematic presentation of findings and facts of a particular event that has happened somewhere. Reports are used as a means of written assessment in order to find out what people have learned from reading, research, or experience and to give them the experience of an important skill that is widely used in the workplace. Report writing is the presentation of this information to those people in the written form, and the report writing format needs to be followed perfectly. 

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A report must possess the following traits:

  • Adherence to report brief specifications
  • Proper analysis of all the important information;
  • Formatting the material in a coherent and logical order
  • Presentation of the matter in a consistent way as per the instructions of the report brief
  • Making conclusions that are supported by the analysis and evidence of the report

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The typical report writing format is as follows:

  • Heading, followed by the name of the person who wrote it
  • Introduction
  • Main body of the report which explains the whole thing in detail
  • Conclusion

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