Paper Presentation

Paper presentation is an event where the participants are required to make a paper about a certain topic or area, and then present it in front of a jury, following which it will be rated and judged based on their performance. 

The purpose of a paper presentation is to enhance a particular student’s ability in the art of academic writing or making papers in English and to present it. It also helps broaden the minds of the participants a little more. 

There are certain rules to be followed when it comes to doing a paper presentation. Here are a few you need to keep in mind:

  • The paper needs to be in the format of a standard IEEE paper
  • The abstract of the paper submitted must not exceed the limit of two pages by any chance.
  • The front page should have the title of the paper on the top of the paper and details of the team members at the bottom. 
  • The abstract of the paper should be attached with the whole paper.
  • The font style to be followed for the text of the paper is Times New Roman.
  • The size of the text should be 12 points.
  • Similarly, the font size for the headings should be 16 points, while the font size of the sub-headings must be 14 points.
  • A margin of 1 inch must be maintained on all sides of the paper.

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