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Proctored Test

Proctored Test is a type of exam when the examinee is under continuous physical surveillance of someone. If you want to become a supervisor or a proctor, you are the person who monitors all the students during the examination. This type of examination is called a proctored test. 

Proctored tests can also be seen as disciplinary functions recommended or taken up by individual universities for an examination. 

In short words, proctor is someone who manages students’ performance during examinations. 

The two types of exams are proctored and non-proctored exams. While in non-proctored tests, there is no surveillance or fixed timing for an examination, in proctored tests, children have to give their exams under proper surveillance and fixed timing.  

Earlier, when the Edtech industry had not seen the daylight, students used to take only proctored tests in hard copies. However, with the advent of the internet, now the exams easily take place in a non-proctored format without any surveillance. Students can take their exams via email or any other online medium.

Although non-proctored tests are convenient, it is easy for students to cheat. Therefore, new technologies have developed for setting up online proctored tests using proctor software and computers. In this case, a student cannot take the exam on a mobile application. Additionally, students have to follow the proctored rules and requirements when giving the exam. When the exam session completes, it is reviewed by the proctoring service. 

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