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A profession is an occupation that includes years of training and higher formal qualification. The purpose of any individual is to pursue a career that gives definite compensation.  In simple words, the profession is figured after specialized educational training to create a career path ahead. Any job demands a high standard of professional behavior and respect for services offered to the public and professional colleagues. 

An individual of a specific profession is accepted by the public for the exclusive services they offer, the skills they have acquired from years of learning, researching, and training.

In the medieval and early modern tradition, there were three types of recognized professions: medicine, law, and divinity.  But in modern times, the meaning of the term profession has broadened;  it represents various small to large work. Today, the term also refers to an individual’s business, the field of education, or profile that may suggest a person’s area of expertise and skill set.

For example, if you are getting educational training for becoming a mechanical engineer, then in order to make it your job, you will have to learn the entire course’s instructional materials and adhere to the ethical standards of the industry. Teaching is considered a very noble profession.

Once you accomplish your educational training and clear the examinations, you will become a mechanical engineer by profession. There are various types including but not limited to a businessman, engineer, police officer, doctor, or entertainer. 

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