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Proficiency refers to the level of advancement in a particular profession, skillset, or knowledge. In academics, this proficiency is usually defined for students and teachers to judge their level of expertise in a particular subject or class. 

Proficiency refers to the amount of clarity a student has about different concepts within his/her syllabus. Further, proficiency, in its true sense, can only be judged not by how much knowledge that student may have, but also based on how well that person can apply such knowledge to solve problems.

There are many ways that a student can improve their academic proficiency. One of the most followed ways is to get a clear understanding of all the basic concepts within the syllabus. Further, focusing on the most important concepts through consistent practice and elaborate question-answer sessions with the teacher is a strategy proven to work best. It is measured based on their academic achievement.

Apart from that, performance assessment can serve as a great review process to see how far the student has come. Based on such reviews, different steps may be taken to speed up improvement. In addition to knowledge and application of such knowledge, time management, and deduction skills also form a strong basis to judge a student.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology