A textbook is a book that contains comprehensive information about a course or a subject that a student needs, to get through the academic year. This has a set of chapters, question-answers, and exercises included in the curriculum to improve the learning standards of a student. 

Textbooks are not only helpful for the students but also helpful for new teachers with their teaching course. It acts as a guide for the syllabus material they have to cover in the entire academic year. Textbooks help teachers to design the lesson plan and enable a hasslefree teaching and learning experience. 

Further, textbooks help teachers to maintain uniformity in teaching standards for different classes. 

Different field experts are required to write different textbooks. Quality of writing forms an important role in maintaining the quality of textbooks.

Presently, almost all textbooks are available in both print and digital format. Earlier textbooks were used by teachers, tutors, as well as individuals who were self-learning. However, today, textbooks form more of a guidebook for teachers to understand and plan the curriculum for an academic year. It is important for teachers to have more than just textbook knowledge. They should also have ample enough teaching skills so that the learning is effective.

For self-learning individuals, textbook learnings are now complemented with video based learning provided by edtech platforms. Numerous workshops, webinars, and courses on e-learning platforms have made self-learning easier, causing textbooks to somewhat lose their relevance in that context.