All About B.Ed

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is an undergraduate degree course that prepares the students for teaching positions in schools. Two years are required to complete the B.Ed if you are enrolled in 4 semesters. Secondary and Higher Secondary education can only be taught with a… Read More »All About B.Ed

SLET Eligibility

About SLET Exam Conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in the interest of the University Grants Commission (UGC), the State Level Eligibility Test or SLET is an aptitude test to determine the skills and abilities of applicants for colleges and universities’ Lectureship. The SLET… Read More »SLET Eligibility

M.Ed Syllabus

A Master of Education, or M.Ed, is a two-year program that serves as a preparation to become a professional teacher at various stages of education and provides job-specific training to run educational departments and educational institutions. Master of Education courses are available in India through… Read More »M.Ed Syllabus


The world of education has changed in more than one way, it has evolved and grown in a better way. By making people’s life easy, education technology has received a lot of love and appreciation from a majority of people. The benefits of education technology… Read More »IoT

All About M.Ed

M.Ed: An Overview Master of Education, popularly known as M.Ed, is a Master’s level degree program that revolves around the study of teaching and educational research. This course not just focuses on improving one’s teaching skills but also on improving one’s research skills. It also… Read More »All About M.Ed

M.Ed Eligibility

What is an M.Ed Program? Master of Education (M.Ed) is a 2-year program available with various subjects and specialized areas to choose from. In order to be eligible to teach at a University or College level, it is essential to have an M.Ed degree. This… Read More »M.Ed Eligibility

Scope of B.Ed

Everything You Need to Know About B.Ed Course Bachelor of Education or B.Ed course is specifically designed for individuals aiming to pursue a career in teaching or other similar sectors. To teach in Higher Primary and High Schools, students need to take a B.Ed course… Read More »Scope of B.Ed

Mentor Meaning In Hindi

Mentor Meaning In Hindi Mentors are the most important people in anyone’s life and being a good mentor isn’t easy. A lot of people have a curiosity about knowing mentor meaning in Hindi. The mentor meaning in Hindi is ‘उपदेशक’ or ‘गुरु’, commonly known as… Read More »Mentor Meaning In Hindi

B.Ed Eligibility

To become a teacher in a school, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in Education. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that a B.Ed or Bachelor of Education is not an undergraduate degree and that one must have already graduated to pursue this course. In… Read More »B.Ed Eligibility