A typewriter is an electromechanical or mechanical machine for typing characters. Generally, a typewriter has an array of keys, each one causing a different single character to be produced on paper when the key strikes an inked ribbon selectively against the paper with a type… Read More »Typewriter

Feature Writing

Feature Writing is a critically recognized literary form of writing in journalism. It involves writing featured articles on great personalities, relevant issues, and trending topics. This form of writing is generally longer than a news story and is informative in nature. Feature writing is used… Read More »Feature Writing

ALD Full Form

ALD Full Form¬† ALD Full form refers to Academic Language Development.¬† Academic language refers to the oral, auditory, visual, and written language proficiency needed to learn in schools and academic programs effectively. In other words, it can be defined as the language used in classroom… Read More »ALD Full Form


An English Language Learner, often referred to by its more popular abbreviated form ELL, is a term used in English-speaking countries like Canada and the US to describe a person who is learning the English language but whose mother tongue is not English. Some educational… Read More »ELL

Model Activity Task

The model activity task is a type of homework that contains a set of questions that are given to all students, ranging from Preprimary school all the way up to Class 12 by the West Bengal Education Department so that students make use of the… Read More »Model Activity Task


A semaphore is the use of a particular apparatus for the creation of a visual signal transmitted over distance. It is usually can be performed with flags, but it can also be done with: Fire Lights Sunlight Moving arms However, when teaching semaphore, it mainly… Read More »Semaphore

Action Research Means

Action Research means a method of inquiry that teachers undertake systematically as researchers of their own practice. Action research means an interactive inquiry process balancing problem-solving actions that are implemented within a collaborative context with the analysis of data-driven collaboration or research as a means… Read More »Action Research Means

IIIT Full Form

IIIT Full Form IIIT full form stands for Indian Institute of Information Technology.  An Indian Institute of Information Technology is a name used to refer to a group of twenty-five interdisciplinary technology-based-engineering research institutions situated in India that are focused on the subject of information… Read More »IIIT Full Form

School Drama

A school drama can be defined as any drama that involves students studying at school. It can be for school annual day, interschool festivals, or for inter-house competitions within the school. It is simply a drama that has school students enacting the roles of the… Read More »School Drama

Peace Education

Peace education means providing students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to live in peace. Such programs are being expanded globally because of increased awareness of the need for peace in our world. In a peace education program, students learn about conflicts both within their… Read More »Peace Education