BID Full Form

BID Full Form  BID Full Form is Bachelor in Interior Design. Bachelor of Interior Design or BA Interior Design is an advanced stream of Architectural course outline. It involves the construction, designing, and maintenance of space management and housing skills. This degree is based completely… Read More »BID Full Form

Masters in Data Science

Data science is a dynamic field that is currently becoming increasingly valuable to several companies – small, large, and mid-size. From the act of capturing data to the communication of the results, data scientists play a very important role in helping businesses make strategic decisions… Read More »Masters in Data Science

Degree RGPV Exam

Getting a degree is vital for every student. It not only makes them masters of a subject but also helps them gain a competitive edge. Moreover, having a degree makes students more compatible with their job roles. Students can contact their colleges or universities to… Read More »Degree RGPV Exam

Degree Certificate

Degree certificate is a certificate awarded by an educational institution that shows the person holding the certificate has successfully completed a course and has a knowledge of the subjects related to that course. After completing the course, every student must take their degree certificate from… Read More »Degree Certificate

Know How

Know how is an informal way of referring to procedural knowledge. It is also known as practical knowledge, imperative knowledge, or performative knowledge. Know how refers to the knowledge exercised in the performance of some task. Different from descriptive knowledge, which is also known as… Read More »Know How


A walkthrough, also referred to as a classroom walkthrough, is a model of professional development for teachers. The practice of classroom observation and feedback, known as clinical supervision, has been one of the most common tools in evaluating teacher performance. However, the extent to which… Read More »Walkthrough

IIT Madras Online Degree

IIT Madras is one of the prominent institutes in India that provides technical knowledge to students. In addition to regular programs, the institute also offers various online degree programs to learners. IIT Madras online degree gives students insight into the programming and data science world.… Read More »IIT Madras Online Degree