Teaching Learning Process

It is a Combined process where a teacher assesses understanding needs, establishes particular learning objectives, formulates teaching and memorizing strategies, enforces a plan of work, and assesses the outcomes of the instruction. Teaching is the process of heeding to people’s needs, experiences and feelings and interfering so that they learn specific things. The major function of education is to make learning beneficial and meaningful. This process would get completed as an outcome of teaching. So, the processes are nearly related to each other. Teaching is a method in which one individual teaches or advises another person. The role of the teaching learning process is very significant in the modeling of adolescents to serve better human beings in the nation as they are going to direct society once they are mature. This process exemplifies the channel of contact through which the individual strives to develop the methods, skills, proficiency, attitude, integrity, and appreciation, that are vital for enduring in the information age. The teaching-learning, therefore, serves as a process by which changes in behavioral structures are produced through occurrence. The teaching-learning procedure is rendered through teaching, the teaching process is the configuration of the atmosphere within which the learners can interact and study how to learn. The technique of teaching-learning goals at the transmission of knowledge, imparting skills, and building of attitudes, values, and nature. Educationists have been striving to assess the learning process in terms of the provisions of the individual and community. 

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