Attendance Management

Attendance Management is a method of keeping track of the student’s presence and absence from a school or college. It is also used to manage the attendance of faculty in the educational institute. It is a physical or digital document managed by the teachers or the concerned individual of a school. It is better to have an attendance management system in place to make processes easy and efficient.

During school hours, the student in and out status is monitored with software or a register. There can also be biometric management, where the identity card or fingerprints of students used. The data collected from the software is in the form of a spreadsheet, and it helps to manage the student’s attendance. For effective management, teachers can be allotted a register to record attendance. During online classes, there is a provision for online attendance management too.

Management of attendance is a crucial factor that works to minimize the loss of learning in the absence of a student. It helps identify their working hours, break-time, log-off time. It also brings to light the students who remain absent with no valid reason and the ones who are diligent about their studying hours. It helps to identify the reasons why students skip classes. The reasons as identified can help improve the structure of academics or class environment.

Schools can utilize various modes of management that give ease of use. The key elements involved in attendance management are the reason for absence, absence reporting method, and time. It is the responsibility of the school to explain the attendance policy to students and their parents and ensure no discrepancy regarding it.

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