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Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero tolerance policy refers to the set of rules and regulative policies that the school/college has set, violation of which is to face the risk of punishment. This acts as a set of guidelines for the students to behave in a particular manner at their respective educational institutions.

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The zero-tolerance policy also acts as the final set of punishment that the people in authority can impose upon students who violate the same. The person in authority cannot change the punishment as per his/her own will or as per the circumstances. They are compulsorily required to follow the set policies and impose a predetermined punishment to the student irrespective of the personal history with them.

A zero-tolerance policy is usually imposed to combat drug abuse and violence in schools, colleges, and universities. The disciplinary action or punishment varies from a day’s suspension to expulsion from the institution. It is important to improve discipline in school.

 A lot of schools and other educational institutions have adopted the zero-tolerance policy.

 Some examples of zero-tolerance policies:

 ·        Schools with no weapon policy will impose similar punishment to both the student in possession of an actual gun and a student who brings nail clippers or a pocket-knife to school

·        Schools with no drug policy will not discriminate between a student in possession of some cough syrup or mouthwash and a student in possession of marijuana.

However, the tolerance policy does not mention any supportive or rehabilitation services for the students that demonstrate misconduct and violate the institution’s set policies. Thus, causing more damage than good to the students.

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