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The X-axis is one of the axes in a two/three-dimensional graph. In a Cartesian coordinate system, X-axis is the axis that belongs as the horizontal plane of a graph that gives numerical values to each one of the points that are along the axis. The points stated on the x-axis have a relationship with the points stated in the vertical y-axis. In a graph, the x-axis line moves horizontally from left or right through zero. 

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The positions of points on an x-axis can be plotted by forming perpendicular lines and positions from the x-axis and y-axis. In a two-dimensional graph, the two coordinates are referred to as abscissa and the ordinate of P.

The graphs having this axis and other axes are used to make students learn in a variety of academic disciplines like maths, statistics, trigonometry, liberal arts, and science. The significance of these graphs amplifies in the years of higher education. Teachers use various teaching methods to teach the same.

These coordinates are not merely restricted to our studies. These are used in our day to day life. PDF files which have become an integral part of a student’s life is also an example of a coordinate plane. In this case, the words or images are modified with the use of coordinate geometry. A PDF file, which contains text, images, and different shapes, are positioned according to the coordinate (x, y) system.

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