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World Teachers Day

World Teachers Day is celebrated all over the world by all the teach­ers. It is celebrated on 5 October to cherish all the teachers. The role of teachers in society is both significant and valuable. They are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They shoulder the weight and responsibility of teaching, and apart from parents, they are the primary source of knowledge and value for children.

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It is rightly said that a teacher plays an important role in shaping our future. Nowadays, being an engineer or a doctor is considered a good thing, but they cannot achieve this without teachers. Teachers share the information they have. In contrast, doctors and engineers don’t necessarily share theirs. From the age of four, a child finds himself in the hands of a teacher. Throughout our lives, our teachers inspire us and teach us values. They treat us like their own children and let us learn from their experiences. They make us strong enough to stand up and face any challenge. A doctor treats patients, an engineer builds buildings and machines, but a teacher builds the country. Today’s young students are the leaders and hope for the future of any nation. World Teachers Day is a very important day for all students. World Teachers Day should be celebrated nicely all over the world to thank all the teach­ers for their great contribution.

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