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Working Science Model

A working science model can be defined as a representation of a particular phenomenon in the real world by the use of something else to represent it, making it easier to understand. It can be described as a model that can be seen functioning in real-time as a means of showing how a particular phenomenon takes place. 

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The simplest way to show how a working science model works is by elaborating its functioning by means of a flowchart. A working scientific inquiry model can be an actual physical model or prototype, or it can be a simulation of the same created on a computer for the purpose of showing the working of the same. There are several simulation software that can be used for this purpose as well. 

A science model is known as a working science model when it is dynamic – it must be able to perform a task in a physical sense or function in a way similar to an actual physical model and yield a perceivable result. Working science models are very effective tools in making students understand what they are being taught in theory. It helps them wrap their head around concepts in a more clear and more concise way. A working science model is the best way for teaching concepts that are difficult to understand or would be more confusing without the same. 

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