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Work-Study Program

The work-study program is also known as the college work-study program. It is a scheme that helps fund and assists the students with their post-education costs. Under this program, sometimes the students work on a part-time job and sometimes off-campus in colleges and universities.

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The program provides an amazing opportunity for the students to expand their knowledge and skillsets while supporting themselves financially by funding their education.

Federal work-study funds are given to the educational institutions to provide the majoring students with part-time work opportunities. Some institutions readily hand the students with their assigned jobs,  whereas some institutions expect the student to find, apply, and sit for the job teacher interview on their own.

Every institution with the said program has its own set of rules and policies. For example, the student must complete a particular number of hours and maintain a particular grade to continue to be eligible for the program.

Generally, only US resident students are eligible to avail of this opportunity. The Federal Work-Study Program makes sure that the jobs are given to the students in actual need of financial, educational help.

The various jobs under the work-study program may include, tutoring young kids, library helpers, campus café servers, lab assistance, a job in a local animal shelter, and such. A lot of jobs might also be about giving back to the community.

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