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Work Education

Work Education is a distinct curricular area created specifically for providing children with opportunities to participate in social and economic activities both inside and outside the classroom, which would help them understand scientific principles and procedures involved in various different types of work. The competencies that are to be developed in this field include: 

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  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Practical skills
  • Values 

These need to be need-based life activities. Pre-vocational courses should receive a prominent place at this stage.

Work education is aimed at restoring respect and dignity to all forms of manual work. It promotes self-reliance, helping in meeting a person’s daily needs as well as those of their family and community, increasing productivity through the development of proper work skills and values, hence promoting commitment to the welfare of society via suitable programs of social work or community service. 

The content of Work Education consists of three categories:

  • Self-help Activities – For the satisfaction of the day-to-day needs of students and their families.
  • Community Out-reach Activities – For the sensitization of students towards their responsibility of satisfying the community needs.
  • Pre-vocational Skill Development Activities – Designed to prepare students for the world of work. 

However, the actual selection of projects, activities, or pre-vocational courses by schools would depend on the availability of physical, natural, and human resources in the locality, the socioeconomic backgrounds of the community, and the needs and interests of the students. 

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