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Who is the Father of Mathematics

Who is the father of mathematics? Archimedes is considered the father of mathematics. More often than not, the question Who is the Father of Mathematics pops up, while there are many names that are suggested and there is no simple answer, a huge majority consider Archimedes as the father of mathematics.

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The major reason for this is the story behind the birth of the Archimedes principle. In the wake of King Hieron getting his crown made of gold, he chose to check it at any rate. Since he had a few questions and apprehension that it was made of silver rather than gold, he told Archimedes, as the main Greek researcher methods around then, to check it some way or another. Also, everything turned out to be obvious to Archimedes when he was scrubbing down. He perceived how water began to flood, as he got into the tub, and found another numerical standard. He discovered that the article volume can be estimated by the measure of streaming water while setting this item in this water. Later this was designated “Archimedes Principle.”

In addition to his major contributions to the academic world, he invented the pulley system and also designed a screw that could take off the water from ships.

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