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What is the Aim of Physical Education

What is the aim of physical education?

A physical educator instructs students in physical exercise and games and is usually done in schools. Physical education is our subject having a plant sequential curriculum on the basis of the national standards for physical education. But what is the role that it plays? What is the aim of physical education?

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Physical education is developmental in the sense that it takes the person where they are through activity optimally increasing their potential powers to the end that they may live their life more abundantly. The reason behind making physical education a part of the school curriculum is its implications in everyday life. The decision was made on the basis of realizing that integrated individual functions most effectively as a biological organism only when they are also a social unit. 

The main motive behind physical education is to make every individual physically, mentally, and emotionally fit and to build them into good citizens. The following are the aims and objectives of physical education:


  • Keep the students free-minded and physically active
  • Develop flexibility and agility of the body
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop functional motor skills in the individuals
  • Develop movement efficiency
  • Develop and maintain proper appetite and sleep
  • Develop and maintain good appetite and sound sleeping habits 
  • Help focus on studies better
  • Develop a sportsman spirit in everyone


  • Nourish student’s minds with ethical values
  • Teaches the student to acknowledge, accept and respect the diversity among people
  • Improve communication skills, including nonverbal as well as body language
  • Integrate mental strength into their being
  • Improve creativity and aesthetic senses
  • Build their confidence and prepare them for the future
  • Teach them to maintain emotional stability in the wake of a crisis
  • Teach them the importance of love and respect for nature

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