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What is Probability

What is probability? Is it a chapter in mathematics or the concept can be applied to other areas as well? It is the branch of mathematics that tells the chances of an event. The probability of an event is a number between 0 and 1, where 0 means that the event will never occur. Likewise, 1 stands for the certainty of an event. To understand what is probability, let us take the help of an example. 

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Assume that you have a coin in your hand and you flip that coin up in the air. Now there are chances of getting a heads or a tail. The chances of getting heads stands at 50% and the rest 50% chances are of getting a tail. As in this example, the self concepts of probability can be extended to other fields. It has different types, and one of those types include the topic mentioned below. Let us understand this concept in detail. 

Conditional Probability

A conditional probability is a theory that states the chances of an event, given that another event has occurred already. The two events, A and B have a relationship between them which governs the happening of an event. 

Students can learn what is probability in mathematics tips. Later, they can use this concept to determine various factors. They can refer to textbooks and online resources to know about this concept. Some of the daily activities that use this concept are sports, weather reports, blood samples, predicting the sex of a fetus, congenital disabilities, and many more.  

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