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What is Mock Test

If you are wondering what is mock test, we have got you covered. If you ask us what is mock test, it is a practice test that learners take or attend before attending the actual exams. Mock test is designed to let learners or candidates get acquainted with the style of the actual examination. 

Attending a mock test would help the candidates prepare for the examination. The practice tests would have the same syllabus, and pattern as the latest version of the real examination. The term “mock” first appeared in the second portion of the 20th century and is short for “mock examination.” It comes from the verb “mocquer” in French.

In schools, mock examinations or practice tests would enable students to have an idea about their public examination. Moreover, it helps teachers to get an idea about where their students stand in terms of their performance. In this way, they can adopt the best strategies which would improve students’ scores. Besides, practice tests allow teachers to conduct remedial classes for students who are falling behind in mock test and help them by providing them with extra attention. This aids those weak students to improve their scores and excel in actual examinations.

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