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What Is Matriculation

A lot of people ask what is matriculation and hence, it is one of the most searched questions on the internet. Matriculation is the process of getting admission to a new class, school, or college after qualifying for a written exam. In India, this term refers to the year of 10th class. The class 10 examinations held at the end of the year is called the Matriculation exam or board examination. This standard term is applicable for both National level board exams and state board examinations. The students must have the requisite academic qualifications to get admission in matriculation.

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In India, class 10th, or matric, is considered very important. The said examination score defines the future subjects that a student can take in the next grade. Main course books that a student studies in the 10th class are Maths, English, Hindi, Social Studies, and General Science. The students also choose an optional subject from the choices available.

A student gets this certificate when he/she passes the 10th exam. This certificate states that the student has passed 10th class or matric, and is eligible for admission to the next standard. After completing matriculation, students can choose specialized subjects or a course.

CBSE full form, ICSE, and State board are the three bodies that organize matric or board exams in India. CBSE’s full form is the Central Board of Secondary education. ICSE curriculum is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. 

The term might have a different meaning in different countries. In the United Kingdom, matriculation is the ceremony when new students get admission to the university. In South Africa, the final year of high school is called matriculation. In Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan, matriculation means the same as in India. Students of the age of 14 to 16 years take admission to the 10th class.

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