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What is Management

In simple terms and according to the definitions given in dictionaries, management refers to the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. In terms of an organization, management refers to dealing with the administrative and non-administrative tasks. Many people who ask what is management should know that it is the art and science of managing people and resources. People involved in managing an organization are involved in setting the strategy for an organization and coordinating the efforts of its employees to accomplish its objectives, values, and goals. 

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What is management of an organization? Managing an organization refers to using all available resources to their full potential without creating any imbalances. These resources include financial, natural, technological e learning, and human resources. Some people pursue a course in management studies to become proficient in their career. They may take courses like Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration, Masters of Business Administration, and Master in Management. These courses provide an edge to people over their peers. 

What is management hierarchy in an organization? Typically, an organization follows three levels, including:

  • Senior managers: People in this level majorly consists of CEOs and members of board of directors. They form the plans and policies for the organization and ensures that the goals are getting achieved. 
  • Middle managers: These include the heads of different departments and act as a bridge between senior managers and line managers. 
  • Line managers: These include team leaders and supervisors who oversee the work of regular employees. They ensure that their departmental goals are being met. 

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