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What is Bootcamp

What is Bootcamp 

What is bootcamp, especially in the field of education? A bootcamp is an accelerated, intensive study program that enables students to learn the tech skills that are in demand at the time and which are sought by recruiters. From data science to UX/UI Design, from full stack development to cybersecurity to digital marketing, there are a large variety of certification courses that both freshers and employees can pursue. Ever since the launch of the first boot camp in the year 2012, this industry has grown to a whopping 309M dollar sector, which translates to a phenomenal growth of 171%.

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There are several factors when it comes to contributing to the phenomenal increase in the number of boot camps, but the two most important reasons are blended learning and the short duration of the courses. The basic idea behind this program is skill development. Skill development programs given to students by a bootcamp program range from 12 – 48 weeks and blended learning offers the flexibility that is often desired with such programs, allowing them to learn without the need for relocation or give up their existing jobs. The most sought-after online bootcamp course is full stack Javascript, after which comes .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, and PHP.

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